Ok so hey what's up guys welcome to another refreshing article on my gaming website and today in this article we all guys are gathered here for talking about a very special topic about giving obviously because this is a gaming website and you guys are here to get more amazing games from me and I am here to show you guys the most addictive games here guys but today we are talking about a gaming console topic and this topic is very amazing and demanded also so yes guys we are talking about the PlayStation 5 in short we can tell that ps5 so before we getting straight into this PlayStation 5 topic let's talk about some flashback let's know details about some flashback history of this PlayStation franchise so PlayStation is basically contains aur providers a platform of console to play such a high graphical games and this PlayStation company is powered by Sony company as we always know that Sony company is a Japanese company and it provide us amazing products.

    Now firstly we have PS that is a PlayStation in which we used to play video games on it such as Mario Contra so guys after that the PlayStation company have launch PS2 that is the PlayStation 2 and I thought if you guys are true gamer I said you guys have also played a games on PS2 that is the PlayStation 2 games so when the PlayStation 2 console has launched in market the Hype of this PlayStation 2 console is on the Hill Top because the came that this PlayStation 2 that is the PS2 to console contains really addictive and adventurous every game out there has get stick to it including me also because I am a gamer and a lot of PS2 games I like the most and in fact today I also want to play that games and I played it so the PlayStation 2 contains amazing games like God of War.

    The most favourite game which I loved and which in fact every gamer love is the SmackDown here Comes the Pain this game is amazing game and this game is available for the PlayStation 2 consoles now let's forward it after that the PlayStation company have launched the Playstation 3 console in short we called it as PS3 console after the PS3 console now compare PS3 console games to the PS2 console games yep I am talking about the Playstation 3 compare to PlayStation 2 games graphics difference we got what is a lot the graphics of PlayStation 3 that is PS3 as compared to PlayStation 2 that is PS2 our lot of higher so that is why everyone is stick to the Playstation 3 after that I started playing some high graphical games on it including me I also a big fan of PlayStation 3 consoles and I used to play a lot of games on it so after that moving forward the PlayStation company have launch their next console named as PlayStation 4 in short we can also called it as PS4 which is the latest one right now I don't think that I need to talk a lot about this console games because the amount of high graphic and game we have in this PS4 console I like on the Hill Top not talking about PlayStation 4.

    The PS4 games are amazing in the amount of popularity and the market purchasing of PlayStation 4 is a lot that is why the PlayStation 4 is the update one right now and every game still in 2019 where launched then it is available for PlayStation 4 consoles and some games are exclusively available for Playstation 4 only ok I am talking about some exclusive games like The Amazing Spider-Man this game is exclusively available for PS4 only the meaning of that is a particular game which is available for only PlayStation 4 console not for PC and Not for Xbox one also now as our today's topic is PlayStation 5 now let's move to the ps5 so talk about ps5 it is the upcoming console from the PlayStation which is I again say that which is not official yet launched but soon it going to be launching and there are some rumours about this is like the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6 game is there available for the PlayStation 5 console yes if the GTA 6 game is going to be available for the ps5 console. So overall talking about this ps5 console Satish is going to be amazing when it launched and I am definitely going to make an article about the PlayStation 5 when it got launched so don't worry about it and I will meet you guys in next one amazing article with an amazing game and if you guys have not it subscribe your channel yet then just go ahead and subscribe our channel and press the bell Icon so you guys never miss any update from us till then peace.
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