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  • FaceApp || Does FaceApp collect any personal information?

    FaceApp || Does FaceApp collect any personal information? 

    What up guys today in this article we all guys are gathered here for talking about very special topic yesterday we all guys are talking about Face App I know all of you guys have heard about this application called fees app this application contains amazing filters for face change your face into old man or to get a filter like older man face also this Face App contains beard filter and a lot of filters but the main purpose that everyone is using this Face App is to use to old men function in this Face App so there are a lot of people there or there are a lot of news where come in front of us about the face app and today we all talking about topic called faceapp is secure to use so as you know everyone where uploading they are old man look filter on social media using this Face App not only peoples but a lot of celebrities where uploading there picture using the face app on their social media sites like Instagram and Facebook and Twitter India would social media handles.

    actually everyone is uploading their old look filter photo using the face app we can also called it as there is a trending hashtag of #face app on social media and uploading old man filter look good picture of ourselves is trending now a days so so there are some news where comes in front of us is that the face app when we install the face app from the Google Play Store kindly let me just tell you guys that the face app has completed their hundred million downloads on Google Play Store and also millions of download on iPhone App Store also so when you just installed this face app from Google Play Store for from the Apple app store when you guys open this App there is a agreement which week I need to granted when we allowed that the agreement contains some sentence which the company of the face application they said that if we guys are going to upload or use any of the filters from the face app then on that particular picture they have their rights.

    they can use where where they want and they can have the right to do to share to upload that picture in anywhere they want so people were using this face application are caught a bit insecure the uses of this phase application it the face up application having around hundred millions of downloads and all the peoples are not getting insecure about their privacy regarding this face application that is why the title of our today's article is is Face App is secure to use so guys on this full news the official company of the face app has given a statement about we can't do anything with the picture you guys upload and we have provided you the full security and privacy about whatever you guys can done on our application and you guys are fully secured your pictures are fully secured this statement is given by the face app company officially but there are also some news where comes in front of us about the misusing of the pictures where uploaded on the face application.

    so guys we can't say anything about this situation right now about this face application everyone has been got insecure after also listening the statement of the company and let me just tell you you guys having any question in your mind that this is a gaming website then why I am uploading an article about this Face App so guys is simple as that this is a technical news and this news is also needed to be taken care so that is why I have uploaded this article on my website but don't worry the gaming article we are still going to be upload on my website so was the overall conclusion in front of all of us were personally speaking about my opinion about this face application to you all of you guys is that if you want to use it you guys can use it but try to ignore this application aur not to use this unless and until a full security and privacy where provided to all of the users by the face application.

    so if you guys found this article to be helpful then don't forget to give your valuable response in the comment box below and if you guys are having any question for having any query regarding this Face App then you guys can ask us out on our comment box below we will try to definitely reply you within 24 hours and if you guys have not yet subscribe our YouTube channel then just go ahead and subscribe to our gaming YouTube channel and press the bell Icon so you guys never miss another update from us for more information about you guys can follow us on Instagram to chat with us for giving us some suggestions all to know more about us and I will meet you guys in another refreshing and amazing gaming article with all of you guys thank you for reading this article peace.
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